Ms Nirmala Kumari M L

Assistant Teacher (SSLC, Hindi B.Ed.)

Ms Nirmala Kumari joined the School in the year 2002. She teaches Hindi for the students. She has been associated with the School for 15 years now, and carries fond memories of the growth of the School. These many years of experience with the school has been a complete transformational journey for her. She also teaches music to the students.


Ms Shobha S

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.Ed.)

Ms Shobha is one of the dedicated staff at Prashanti Bala Mandira Girls High School, and has been associated with the School since 2011. A very short-tempered and peppery teacher that she was before, this School’s culture of mutual co-operation and love has evolved her. Now, she teaches students for the love she has for them. This has made a lot of difference to her professional life and personal demeanour. She is also in-charge of maintaining all the records of the School.


Ms Nalini N V

Assistant Teacher (B.A., B.Ed.)

Ms Nalini is a Kannada teacher in the School since the year 2015.


Ms Shilpashree B N

Assistant Teacher (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

Ms Shilpashree joined PrashantiBala Mandira Girls High School in the year 2012. She teaches Mathematics and Science to the students.

Ms Chandini

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.Ed.)

Ms Chandini is the Social Science teacher at the School since the year 2013. She is also the in-charge of Sports and Cultural activities at the School.

Ms Vasumathi

Assistant Teacher (M.A.)

Ms Vasumathi joined the School in the year 2012, and teaches Computer Science, Kannada and Social Science. She is also good at training students in Sports.

Bavana (1)

Ms Bavana K

Assistant Teacher (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

Ms Bavana joined as Mathematics and Science teacher effective academic year starting June 2018. The spotless corridors and playgrounds on the outsides and the immaculate classrooms and labs in the insides of the School speaks of her art of indoctrinating the value of cleanliness in the minds of the students. This School which epitomes the revival of the culture of India which already resides in the hearts and souls of its people gives her a great hope for the future.


Ms G A Ashwini

Physical Education Teacher (B.A., B.P.Ed.)

Discipline is a value not just for the books but also for the grounds, according to Ms Ashwini. She is the Physical Education Instructor for the students at the Campus and stiffens the brawn of the students to be prepared to take up challenges on the field.